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Automatic Bar Bending Machine (GW-50 New)

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Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd brings heavy duty Bar Bending Machine with robust construction and quality components. Its control system consists of electrical automation where three angles can be preselected and it bends in both directions left and right. This machine can produce complicated shapes with optional attachments. It has hardened bending tools and gear box. We back it up with local after sales service and readily available spare parts. Sona has latest Model of Rebar Bending Machine GF20, GW42, and GW50 which is mainly used for Bending Rebar upto 50mm. Each and every machine comes with quality, performance and safety as you expect from Sona Construction technologies Pvt Ltd.

Technical Specifications
Bending Rebar Diameter upto 50 mm
Plate Diameter 360 mm
Bending Speed 05 - 10 r/min
Motor Power 4 kW, Voltage : 415 V
Motor Speed 1440 r/min
Weight 430 Kg
Key Features
  1. Advanced Electrical control panel with brake motor increases performance and durability.
  2. Different Bending Bushes designed for various bending radius.
  3. Ensures high durability at its user ends, effectively increases the production capacity.
  4. Various sizes of bushes for bending diameter of bars.
  5. Cost effective bending machines, used for bending reinforcement bars and different kind of round bars.

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