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L Type Suspended Platform

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Our ZLP Series Suspended Platform are mainly used for the exterior construction, decoration and fitting out works of multi story buildings such as high rise elevator, cableway installation, granary, colliery, security inspection, large tank, chimney, dam and bridge maintenance. Suspended Platform or working rope Platform can be instead of scaffoldings, which will greatly reduce the cost, and with higher efficiency, operation is simple and flexible, easy to transfer, safe and reliable. Suspended Platform joint with 1.5m, 2.5m, 5m and 7.5m platform, and can be assemble according to the needs. Hoist and safety lock are in mounting decks, around platform there exists balustrades so as to prevent tools inside slipping out.

Key Features
  1. Durable.
  2. Trouble-free operation.
  3. Corrosion resistance.
  4. Easy for operation.
  5. Flexible for moving.
  6. Reliable in safety.

Technical Specifications
Model L Shape Platform
Platform Size 2.5 + 2.5 Meter
Material of platform Steel Platform-Hot Galvanized
Balance Weight 1000 Kg
Rated Load 800 Kg
Ascend Speed (Working Speed) 9 - 11 m/min
Wire Rope 4 x 31 Sw-FC-9.1
Wire Rope Size 9 mm
Wire Rope Length 100 Meter x 4 No
Structure Weight Approx. 800-900kg
Counter Weight 1000 Kg
Rated Lifting Force 5KN
Height Adjustment 1.15 – 1.75 m
Front Beam Extension 1.3 – 1.5 m
Power 1.8 KW x 2
Voltage 415 V / 3 Phase
Safety lock 2 No's
Safety Features
  1. Hoist Mechanism :
  2. Hoist is the motor of suspended platform, without wrapping up the wire rope, there is no limit on the height of climbing in theory. Hoist is driven electric regenerative breaking and three phase asynchronous motor, after turbine worm reducer starting, with steel rope climbing, hoist works up and down following the rope. Service brake incorporated in the hoist.

  3. Safety lock :
  4. Safety Lock is the protection equipment which is two safety ropes are set independently. The Hanging Platform is set with safety locks. When the platform goes acclivitous, the hoist system gets major faults or ropes are broken off and falling, the safety locks the wire ropes to ensure the safety of the operator and the machine.

  5. Electrical Control System :
  6. Electric Control system is used to control the movement of Rope suspended Platforms and the main elements are fixed in insulated board, while multi switch, power indicator, start button and the emergency stop button are in the door board of the box.


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